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Reader Reviews of the C.B. Jonnes suspense novel, WAKE UP DEAD, now in its second printing. Order the book now from

Slow Red Button. September 27, 2000
"Loved the book. I will be a fan of yours forever." -- Rose Biggs from Lincoln, IL

Flaming Red Button. September 26, 2000
"Mr. Jonnes, I read Wake Up Dead on e-book a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. Definitely in the top ten of my all-time favorite books list. Found your website here through an author link. Just want to say hi. Will there be another book soon?" -- Ron McLean from Unknown

Classical Red Button. September 23, 2000
"Loved the book :-)" -- Agnes Wilewicz from Buffalo, NY

Scrumptious Red Button. September 20, 2000
"Your book is fantastic!!" -- Allison Zaiontz from Wimberley, TX

Californian Red Button. September 17, 2000
"You are a great writer." -- Carri Lee from Westport, IN

Ponderous Red Button. September 15, 2000
"The book is awesome!!" -- Arthur Cannon from Lynn, MA

Voluptuous Red Button. September 11, 2000
"You are crazy and I love it!! Now famous author and regular guy. Big smile. Thanks, Big Guy!!" -- Carol from Unknown

Regal Red Button. September 10, 2000
"Yesterday I finished reading the book "Wake Up Dead." It's one of the greatest book I've ever read. Christopher Bonn Jonnes is my favorite author." -- Thameena Shah from Reno, NV

Royal Red Button. September 8, 2000
"By the way, love the book." -- Liz Rios from Davie, FL

Princely Red Button. September 7, 2000
"I'm a big fan of your work and I think this book is really cool. Thanks!" -- Robert Johnson from Boothwyn, PA

Homosexual Red Button. September 5, 2000
"Great book!!!!!!" -- Shannon Dewbre from Riddle, OR

Feminist Red Button. September 3, 2000
"Your book is great!" -- C Bailey from Medford, OR

Zionist Red Button. September 2, 2000
"I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your next book. I hope you are a huge success in the publishing world. Best of luck in all that you do." -- Lora Duvall from Morristown, TN

Ridiculous Red Button. August 28, 2000
"I love your book. I think you are a great author. Thank you for being an author who can actually write and keep me interested in the book the whole way through." -- Belinda from Unknown

Nipple Red Button. August 25, 2000
"I have shared my thoughts to many of my friends and family regarding your book. If you could, please send the info for the first addition autographed book, if still available. I really liked your novel. It had a touch of Stephen King and Paul Kemprecos along with your own individual flavor. Thank you so much for keeping in touch and also for your gift as a writer." -- Stewart McEwing from Levittown, PA

Clown Nose Red Button. August 24, 2000
"Keep up the great writing." -- George Kordalewski from Genoa, IL

Red Button's Red Button. August 23, 2000
"My friend has your book and can hardly put it down. She loves it!!! Thanks, the book was great." -- Katie Nyberg from St. Cloud, MN

Extraterrestial Red Button. August 22, 2000
"I just wanted to write to tell you that I loved Wake Up Dead." -- Jonathan Benitah from Coral Springs, FL

Well Hung Red Button. August 21, 2000
"I am a big fan of yours. I think that you are very talented. Your fan." -- Stefanie Kaminski from Kansas City, KS

Royal Red Button. August 21, 2000
"Your book is really good so far." -- Dallas Miller from Grantsville, MD

Regal Red Button. August 21, 2000
"I just wanted to congratulate you on a great book, "Wake Up Dead." -- Derek Chechak from Simcoe, Ontario

Arrogant Red Button. August 20, 2000
"I received the book and started reading it. So far I enjoy it very much. Please let me know of other books you have written. I enjoy these type of books. Also, let me know of books you put out in the future." -- Stewart McEwing from Levittown, PA

Majestic Red Button. August 14, 2000
"A FUTURE AWARD WINNER. At last, a book that I didn't have to "get through" the first few pages! Sensational!!! Make sure you don't have anything to do after you pick up this book. A definite "page-turner" in every sense of the word!! Wonderful blend of mystery/sci-fi! Christopher Bonn Jonnes can't write fast enough for me! I anxiously await another from this talented writer." -- FOUR STARS from Franceska Zweifler in Pelham, NY on

Depressed Red Button. August 14, 2000
"I received your bookmark and the letter attached. I must say, your letter had me roaring with laughter, to the point of tears at some points!! It was so good, I ran out and bought the book (got it from Excellent! When is your next book due? Can't wait to read more from you. I am eagerly anticipating more books!!! Keep it up - you're great!!!!!!!!!!" -- Franceska Zweifler from Pelham, NY

Depressed Red Button. August 13, 2000
"Wanna write my life story? I know that I am a nobody...well to the general population that is...but I am somewhat of a local celebrity here. I have led a very exciting and scary life. In just the past 2 months I have escaped death twice." -- Jeff Tiller from Abbeville, SC

Fastidious Red Button. August 13, 2000
"I finished reading Wake Up Dead last night. It was so exciting, I could not put it down. I am recommending it to every reader I know." -- Kay Hartgrove from Eden, NC

Impotent Red Button. August 11, 2000
"I already read your book and I think that it is spectacular. Your lifelong reader." -- Timothy Burgess from Sheridan AR

Lineally Challenged Red Button. August 9, 2000
"Read the book. Loved it!" -- Charlotte Krantz from Huddleston, VA

Fortuitous Red Button. August 8, 2000
"I read your book and I have to say that it was the best novel I've read so far--and I am an avid reader." -- Melinda Pool from Columbus, OH

Hollow Red Button. August 6, 2000
"I am a HUGE fan of yours." -- Daniel Mach from Milford, CT

Ghastly Red Button. August 4, 2000
"I got your book the other day and I LOVE it. You are a great writer and I hope to read many more of your wonderfully exciting books!" -- Michelle Young from Russellville, AR

Pickled Red Button. August 3, 2000
"I finished reading your book. I liked it very much. I liked the humor too." -- Harry Bosma from The Netherlands

Bulbous Red Button. August 3, 2000
"I'm kind of a big fan." -- Melissa McQuade from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Irate Red Button. August 3, 2000
"I finally finished your book. After I got through the boring part and got it all understood, reading it twice, it moved gently through the story and ended very nicely, with Paul saving the day. Actually, you teach about a strange subject and then lead up to a good finish. Then it's over. Will I buy another? Probably." -- Quinn Dahlstrom from Bonney Lake, WA

Ghostly Red Button. August 2, 2000
"I just ordered your book and I think it is great!" -- Michael Deloach from Avon Park, FL

Plethysmographic Red Button. August 2, 2000
"Thank you for such a great book!" -- Debora Stevenson from Gardnerville, NV

Visibly Red Button. August 1, 2000
"Great Book! I really loved this book. I read it 3 times already. Once you pick it up, you can't put it down. The suspense gets you and sticks to you like glue." -- FIVE STARS from Tony, a 14 year old writer on Barnes&

Mentally Challenged Red Button. July 31, 2000
"Great book!!" -- Douglas Richard from Terre Haute, IN

High Yield Red Button. July 30, 2000
"Just wanted to say I love your book. I ordered it and read it 3 times!!! Keep on writing!" -- Clifton A. McKinney from Conway, AR

Overzealous Red Button. July 30, 2000
"I enjoy your writing very much. Thank you!" -- Jo Ellen Policy from Youngstown, OH

The New Paradigm In Red Buttons. July 29, 2000
"I was hoping that I might be able to send my copy to you for you to sign. I thought the book was great, by the way. Let me know if this might be an option." -- Jewel Mark from Bluff City, KS

Visibly Red Button. July 28, 2000
"Best book I've read and I'm not even finished! I'm nearly done with the book and I must say without knowing the ending, it's one heck of a book already! I rarely step out of the normal reads from people like Stephen King, but I know that will all change now." -- FIVE STARS from Shawna Kay, a 22-year-old from North Carolina on Barnes&

Axiomatic Red Button. July 28, 2000
"Almost done with the book and I must say, even without knowing the end of it, it's one heck of a good book! I've been telling all my friends about it, and my mom couldn't wait to read the one I got, so she got her own. Now I don't have anyone to tell what is happening now. Really, though, you really must write another." -- Shawna Kay from North Carolina

Britney Spear's Favorite Red Button. July 27, 2000
"loved the book!" -- Rena Brashear from Blackey, KY

Avuncular Red Button. July 26, 2000
"You're a great author." -- Lance Houser from Bristol, TN

Mother of all Red Buttons. July 25, 2000
"I really enjoy your work." -- Mike Riggins from Franklin, IN

Charming Red Button. July 24, 2000
"It is truly an honor and a privilege to be writing to a talented and gifted author such as yourself. I cannot even begin to tell you just how much I admire you. Your career will provide me with immeasurable joy and insight throughout the years, and it would mean the world to me if you were so kind in granting me an autographed picture of yourself. Take care and keep up the splendid work!!!" -- Darrin from Brooklyn, NY

Rick Rockwell Red Button. July 22, 2000
"I like your novel." -- Stephanie Theurer from Houston, TX

Big Brother Red Button. July 20, 2000
"We have read your book here in Orange Park, first page to last. Keep going with your talent, Chris, and spell my name in capital letters if you dedicate one of your books to me." -- Ginny Thiel from Orange Park, FL

Survivor Red Button. July 20, 2000
"I look forward to the next book. Keep up the good work!" -- Kevin Krishnaratne from North York, Ontario

Savage Red Button. July 18, 2000
"I read your book. It's great!!!" -- Tim Morales from New Orleans, LA

Hypocritical Red Button. July 16, 2000
"My sister is a huge fan." -- Dawn Johnson from Marion, IN

Buttons, Red Button. July 15, 2000
"Just a note to say I really enjoyed your book. I am wondering how much research you did before writing the technical details. Did you practice the "dreaming the future?" If so, maybe you should try Vegas. It would make your wife EXTRA happy! In your next book may I suggest bringing Fontana in to solve a crime where he would have to use the skills he learned in book one. You could be another Robert B. Parker. Seriously, I enjoyed it very much. GOOD JOB!!! And lots of future ideas!" -- Barbara Abdo from Houston, TX

Skelton, Red Button. July 14, 2000
"I love your book, Wake Up Dead!!! Thank you very much. Keep up the fantastic writing!" -- Kathy Lisk from Youngstown, OH

Wake Up Red Button. July 13, 2000
"Hey, what's up? I love your book. It's the best book I have ever read." -- Luke Boulais from Pittsfield, MA

Apple Red Button. July 12, 2000
"I am a big fan." -- Teresa West from Normal, IL

Vatican Red Button. July 8, 2000
"I finished Wake Up Dead and it was a keeper! Please let me know when you finish your next book. I want to read it also." -- Barbara Farrish from Unknown

Corporate Red Button. July 7, 2000
"Hello, I LOVE your book. Please send me an autograph. That would mean a lot to me." -- Lois Skvarek from Austin, TX

Hemoglobin Red Button. July 6, 2000
"I just got your book. I am enjoying it." -- Chris Jones from Jackson, MI

Blood Red Button. July 5, 2000
"Christopher Bonn Jonnes: I really enjoy his book and really can't wait to read his next." -- David Hadjuk from Grand Junction, CO

Hades Red Button. July 5, 2000
"Congrats on your first novel. Keep up the good work." -- Darren Vuzzo from Burlington, NJ

Roses Are Red Button. July 4, 2000
"Hi, I have faith in the fact that someday the book will be worth money as a first edition with your signature and I am saving it for my grandchildren. I just wanted to say to you the book was good but a bit upsetting, as if that really were true. I would be like the guy in the story, since we already had experienced it, lets sit back and not do anything. It made me think for days about if it were true. I wish you the best of luck." -- Toni from Morrow, OH

Lady In Red Button. July 3, 2000
"Your book is about the best book I have read in a long time. I would like to buy/read your next book! My son wants to buy a copy of your book. Thanks." -- Barbara Farrish from Oak Hill, WV

Auburn Red Button. July 2, 2000
"Thank you! I love your book." -- Froom Mei from Payson, UT

Adair, Red Button. July 1, 2000
"Thank you. Your book so far is very interesting and it reads well. I love Stephen King movies, but I have never been able to get interested in any of his books. Wake Up Dead reads fast and holds my interest. Keep up the good work." -- Richard E. Keller from Muncie, IN

Panama Red Button. July 1, 2000
"I enjoyed your book immensely--thank you!" -- Pamela Bates from Unknown

Canadian Red Button. June 30, 2000
"I'm a big fan. I was sooo happy!" -- Jessica Morris from Ft. Myers, FL

Vulcan Red Button. June 29, 2000
"I read your book and enjoyed it very much!" -- Anonymous from Unknown

Studious Red Button. June 28, 2000
"Congratulations on your success. Kudos to you Christopher. You are an inspiration to all of us who struggle to promote our books and become successful." -- Pam Crabtree author of "The Gift of Hurt"

Egotistical Red Button. June 27, 2000
"Keep up the good work and again thank-you." -- Terri Vazquez from Unknown

Private Red Button. June 26, 2000
"I bought "Wake Up Dead" a few weeks ago and really enjoyed reading it. I loaned it to my daughter when I had finished and she loved it too. Thanks for the bookmark and for a great read! Will definitely buy your next book." -- Anonymous from Unknown

Disputatious Red Button. June 26, 2000
"I'm a big reader of mystery and crime related books. Keep up the good writing." -- Carrie from Unknown

Provocative Red Button. June 25, 2000
"I love your book." -- Brian Ewers from Lyman, SC

Pernicious Red Button. June 22, 2000
"Refreshing. This is one of the best books I have read in a while. Could not figure the ending till I read it. Only wish it was longer." -- FIVE STARS from Sharen Allen, an avid reader, on Barnes&

Pensive Red Button. June 22, 2000
"Good luck and keep up the good work." -- Alfred W. Van Der Velden from Tilburg, Netherlands

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