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Reader Reviews of the C.B. Jonnes suspense novel, WAKE UP DEAD, now in its second printing. Order the book now!

Dysfunctional Red Button. June 21, 2000
"I just finished your book, really enjoyed it. Just wished it was longer. Your writing reminds me of Robin Cook. Hurry with another." -- Sharen Allen from Unknown

Heterosexual Red Button. June 20, 2000
"I enjoy that kind of reading. Greatest success!!!!!!!!" -- Michelle Lowery from Scotts, MI

Stiff Red Button. June 20, 2000
"Congrats!! The title caught my mind off guard. Out-selling [Monica Lewinsky] shouldn't take long. As a publicist in the 70's I did several book tours in the pre-internet days and you have made market already. Send your bio and book to the network talk shows. You'll be on and the book will take off. The movie will move you into the next book and before you can say 'California' you'll be writing next to the surf in Malibu." -- Steve Ramsbacher from Lodi, CA

Managerial Red Button. June 20, 2000
"Wake Up Dead wasn't exactly what I thought. I thoroughly enjoyed the concept you were writing, and it took me longer to appreciate the characters than usual. Very different story!" -- Emmi Nelson from Waldenbooks in Blaine, MN

Fresh Red Button. June 19, 2000
"I thought your book, "Wake Up Dead", was very good. Please let me know of any future books you are planning to have released." -- Jonah Slaton from Fouke, AR

Lippy Red Button. June 18, 2000
"I like the book!!!!!!!! Thank you!" -- Shannon Dewbre from Riddle, OR

Muscle-bound Red Button. June 17, 2000
"I really love Wake Up Dead!!" -- Ben Moore from Milwaukee, WI

Mucky Red Button. June 16, 2000
"I have enjoyed reading Wake Up Dead and would also enjoy reading others you have written. Many Thanks." -- Michelle Lyons from Modesto, CA

Musty Red Button. June 14, 2000
"Christopher Bonn Jonnes, a wonderful writer!" -- Mia A. Danner from Culdesac, ID

Ferocious Red Button. June 14, 2000
"Love the book!! My kind of suspense!" -- Deborah Mooney from Eatonton, GA

Flagrantly Red Button. June 13, 2000
"Hi! Iíve already read Wake Up Dead and thought it was fantastic. I'm going to get it for my dad for his birthday." -- Katy Crebbin from the Isle of Man, UK

Furry Red Button. June 13, 2000
"I think you're a great Author! God Bless!" -- Michelle Lewis from Stephenville, TX

Crusty Red Button. June 12, 2000
"Keep writing these great suspense tales." -- R.J. Paton from Endicott, NY

Polluted Red Button. June 12, 2000
"Luv your book." -- Keith Mullins from Huntington, IN

Stupid Red Button. June 11, 2000
"Hi, I read your book and thought it was great. Keep up the great work. Waiting for your next book." -- Sara Krezanowski from Avon Park, FL

Alarmist Red Button. June 11, 2000
"Keep up the good work!" -- Dan Harris from Eaton Rapids, MI

Weak Red Button. June 10, 2000
"Great Author!" -- Robin Fox from Sevierville, TN

Irrationally Exuberant Red Button. June 9, 2000
"I really like your book." -- Tad Doviak from Des Moines, WA

Vapid Red Button. June 8, 2000
"Love the book." -- Mary Bryant from Amelia, OH

Raunchy Red Button. June 8, 2000
"Hello! Real quickly, we want to say that we both read Wake Up Dead, and it was truly amazing. Keep up the spendid work! Your #1 fans." -- Tricia Muller & Julie Vadnal from Glenview, IL

Dirty Red Button. June 6, 2000
"Read your novel, great book!" -- B. Parsons from Bishop, CA

Anorexic Red Button. June 6, 2000
"Just to let you know, I absolutely loved the book. :)" -- Randy Pringle from Mustang, OK

Bulemic Red Button. June 4, 2000
"I loved the book. It was cool." -- Skillet Simms from Hazlet, NJ

Brusk Red Button. June 3, 2000
"Kept me awake reading! This book grabbed me from the beginning--through its twists and turns--and his ending was good. Just wish it was longer! And sometime during that night I lost a bracelet that I've worn for five years! Strange! Wish I had a dream machine!" -- FOUR STARS from Barbara Newcombe in North Carolina on

Trivial Red Button. June 3, 2000
"I hope you can make a career out of writing books. You might just be the next Stephen King!" -- Barbara Farrish from Unknown

Naughty Red Button. June 2, 2000
"I have read your book, and I think it's excellent." -- Dustin Barker from Columbus, OH

Bright Red Button. May 31, 2000
"Marvelous Sci/Fi & Mystery Thriller! Wonderful idea, marvelously constructed and researched. A very interesting blend of science fiction and mystery. And the boy can write." -- FIVE STARS from SAB of Florida on Barnes&

Very Red Button. May 31, 2000
"Kudos to your new 'baby,' and more power!" -- Mary Jane Agripa from Makati City, Philippines

Marxist Red Button. May 27, 2000
"I have read the book it was VERY good." -- Susan Jennings from Machesney Park, IL

Fascist Red Button. May 25, 2000
"I absolutely adore Chris Jonnes!" -- Natalie Grammer from Hagerstown, MD

Venomous Red Button. May 24, 2000
"I already have the book and it is great." -- Lisa Milliner from Newark, NJ

Killer Red Button. May 24, 2000
"I enjoy your work." -- B. Kainz from Griggsville, IL

Somber Red Button. May 23, 2000
"I just finished your book last night. I truly enjoyed it!" -- Beth-Anne Reid from Cleveland, OH

Sober Red Button. May 17, 2000
"Hello, my name is Jason Curtis, I love the book." -- Jason Curtis from Lake City, MI

Violently Red Button. May 16, 2000
"Keep up the good work! LOL Did you ever imagine it to be this popular?!" -- Robin Van Leuven from Columbia Falls, MT

Drunken Red Button. May 15, 2000
"I loved your book!" -- Holly Larsen from Wildwood, NJ

Sissy Red Button. May 14, 2000
"More power to C. Bonn Jonnes." -- Jose V. Caniedo from the Philippines

Scalding Hot Red Button. May 13, 2000
"Love the book!!!" -- Mary Jo Adamita from NPR, FL

Cherry Red Button. May 12, 2000
"Keep up the good work!" -- Richard Skimming from Spokane, WA

Bold Red Button. May 10, 2000
"Whirly Twirly Rollercoaster Ride. What a wonderful book! I was totally engrossed from the moment I picked it up. This is an unforgettable thriller that blends science fiction and mystery suspense into a very entertaining ride for scifi and mystery buffs! Mason, Paul and Monica will take you on a whirly, twirly, rollercoaster ride of suspense and thrills. A MUST READ! Highly recommended!" -- FIVE STARS Liz Carter from Nicholasville, KY on

Brash Red Button. May 9, 2000
"Awesome! This book is the best I've read yet...And very VERY hard to put down! It's so realistic it's scary! The writing is excellent, very fluid, and always in motion... I recommend this book very highly! My compliments to the author!" -- FIVE STARS Tara O'Sullivan from Saugerties, NY on

Lusty Red Button. May 9, 2000
"Keep it up man. I think you will be a bestseller before long. The best to you and your family!!" -- Donna Luquire from Unknown

Lusty Red Button. May 9, 2000
"Love the book." -- Sheila A. Curtis from Miami Beach, FL

Luscious Red Button. May 8, 2000
"Keep up the great work!!!" -- D. Stewart from Anchorage, AK

Lascivious Red Button. May 6, 2000
"Dear Mr. Jonnes, To a unique author with amazing talent. Great Job on your suspense novel "Wake Up Dead." It is truly sensational. Hope that we will see more of your work soon. Take Care. Best of Luck to you always. I wish you much more success in the future. Your Fan & Friend." -- Celeste Clayton-Smith from Parsippany, NJ

Lazy Red Button. May 4, 2000
"I am an avid fan of Christopher Bonn Jonnes." -- Louis Papoff from Chicago, IL

Loud Red Button. May 3, 2000
"Your book is the best. Your fan." -- Jill Galloway from Melfort, Saskatchewan

Big Red Button. May 2, 2000
"Loved your book." -- Kim Waninger from Dale, IN

Snooty Red Button. May 1, 2000
"I have your book and so far it is fabulous. I only started reading it. You are a wonderful author!" -- Diane Post from Monongahela, PA

Aspiring Red Button. April 30, 2000
"Keep up the great work!" -- Mari Wowak from Felton, CA

Terminal Red Button. April 29, 2000
"Congratulations, it is great!" -- Kathy Fleming from Grove City, OH

Crafty Red Button. April 28, 2000
"I already read the book and I thought it was very good reading and suspense." -- Frances M. Wardell from Wilmington, DE

Delinquent Red Button. April 26, 2000
"Great book!!!!" -- Jennifer Pruett from Claremore, OK

Little Red Button. April 24, 2000
"Love it." -- Sue Brading from Fayetteville, NC

Tough Red Button. April 23, 2000
"Great book, Great gift." -- Dorothy Litch from Long Branch, NJ

Nasty Red Button. April 22, 2000
"I love your book." -- Megan Bush from Shamong, NJ

Purportedly Red Button. April 21, 2000
"I am a big fan of Christopher Bonn Jonnes." -- Lynda Cashman from Havelock, NC

Tactical Red Button. April 21, 2000
"Stupendous! This is the best book I have ever read. I couldn't put it down. Tom Clancy and Stephen King might as well take up knitting." -- FIVE STARS from Polywater Press Editor ( on Barnes&

Particularly Red Button. April 20, 2000
"Loved your book." -- Tony Smith from Sherman, TX

Post-Modern Red Button. April 20, 2000
"It's great! I think that you could give Stephen King a run for his money. Good luck to you with this novel and the novels that I know will follow." -- Renee Van-Derpoel

Malicious Red Button. April 20, 2000
"Bought the book. Loved it." -- Barb Case from Mason, IL

Monstrous Red Button. April 19, 2000
"I am a big fan." -- Randy Malpaso from Lincolnshire, UK

Hideous Red Button. April 19, 2000
"I gotta be your number one fan!" -- Anonymous from Derbyshire, UK

Hilarious Red Button. April 19, 2000
"Now I know that there is still one author who writes because he really has a good idea." -- from

Boring Red Button. April 19, 2000
"I'm impressed." -- David Bonn from Plymouth, MN

Exciting Red Button. April 19, 2000
"GREAT BOOK!!!!!" -- Gina Hopkins from Opelika, KS

Funny Red Button. April 19, 2000
"I love Christopher Bonn Jonnes!!!!!"-- Nita Davis from Alvarado, TX

Drab Red Button. April 19, 2000
"I love "Wake Up Dead."-- Teraisa J. Goldman from Carson City, NV

Dubious Red Button. April 19, 2000
"Keep up the good work in writing your books. Be waiting for the next one."-- Claire Gagnon from Tarrytown, NY

Commie Red Button. April 18, 2000
"Wake Up Dead is a thriller with a romance between a beautiful woman and a hapless man mixing up the mad scientistís mysterious scheme." from Publishers Weekly

Radical Red Button. April 6, 2000
"Highly entertaining reader for mystery buffs & sci-fi fans. Wake Up Dead is a speculative thriller that blends elements of science fiction and mystery suspense that will prove highly entertaining reading for scifi fans and mystery buffs alike! "-- FIVE STARS from Midwest Book Review in Oregon, WI on

Gutsy Red Button. April 2, 2000
"Whoa! Is This Where the Rabbit Hole Goes? I really enjoyed this book. It takes what appears to be a far-fetched premise (lucid dreaming) and makes it believable. The science is very well explained and I really got caught up in the dizzying reality that is created as this scientific possibility comes to life (or is it death?). I felt like I had fallen down Alice's rabbit hole. Highly recommended!" -- FIVE STARS from Steve in Springfield, VA on

Awesome Red Button. March 28, 2000
"Don't Go to Sleep Before Reading This Book! A former car salesman gets more than he bargained for when he teams up with an aging scientist and his lovely young wife to discover what the future can bring: death for the scientist at the hands of this young stranger? Love and romance between the suspected killer and the young wife? The novel ends in an unexpected way, and you will be pleasantly surprised. As an author of thrillers myself, I can say, with some assurance, that WAKE UP DEAD will keep you awake long after you put it down." -- FIVE STARS from "a published fiction author" on Barnes&

Cool Red Button. March 23, 2000
"I'm a college English teacher who teaches students how to write. I'm also a published novelist (RUSSIAN WOLVES, LUCIFER'S WEDDING, and SINS OF DARKNESS). I just wanted to congratulate you on your success. Natural story-telling talent cannot be taught. You have this. I did not expect the ending. I especially liked your realistic explanation of dream theory. Thanks for your creativity come alive. Take care, and be careful on the Harley!" -- Jim Musgrave

Groovy Red Button. February 25, 2000
"WAKE UP DEAD, a suspense novel with a very creative premise, is skillfully written. Trust me on this. I'm Chris Jonnes's mother." -- FIVE STARS from Beverly Bonn Jonnes

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